Grooming a Standard Poodle

Video featuring Sue Zecco : Certified Master Groomer

Watch full video here: Grooming a Standard Poodle

Using Wahl's Cordless Figura Lithium Ion

Figura Highlight Image R1-01


90 minute run time

10 minute quick charge, for additional 5 minutes of run time

Lithium Ion : no battery memory effect

Includes 5-in-1 Fine Blade (#9-10-15-30-40)

Great for new groomers!

Lightweight 9.6 ounces

Well- balanced

Can cut in reverse (great for around the toes)

Blade never gets hot!


Face: #30 Blade Setting

Feet: #30 Blade Setting

> back off to #15 setting in sensitive areas (in between the toes)

> to get fine areas around the toe nails bump up to #40 setting

Tail: #30 Blade Setting

> Sanitary Area: back off to a #10 to avoid irritation