"Why would you shave a cat?"

Answered by Elite Team member - Danelle German



Some cats must be shaved to remove the matted hair that has formed from lack of grooming care. This is especially true for many long hair cats. And, a good many cats love to have a satiny-smooth lion cut hairdo! The owners of these cats (this one included!) report that their beloved felines are so much happier when all that hair is gone, especially in the hot summer months. Who are we to argue with a cat? Perhaps they are “too sexy for their hair.”

Did you know that some of our long-time clients get their cats shaved monthly to avoid serious hairball problems that have caused intestinal blockages that required surgery to remove? When the vet tells the owner they simply cannot put their cat through yet another surgery in the future or it will die, the lion cut becomes the life-saving choice.

Fortunately, Wahl Professional Animal makes some outstanding clippers, trimmers, and blades that make it possible to create such beautiful, straight lines when offering this service to cat owners.