“How is this grooming?”

Answered by Elite Team member - Danelle German

When grooming in the salon, we use these same tools and techniques to offer sanitary trims, belly shaves, lion cuts, and more to our clients to meet a variety of needs. One of the most common services we provide is the lion cut to removed severely matted or pelted coats from cats that are truly suffering. We are so thankful that Wahl creates such outstanding tools, so we can do this with as much ease as possible (for the already suffering cat that is pelted) and create beautiful crisp lines at the legs, neck, and tail, etc.

The second most common groom we offer to cat clients is a sanitary trim combined with a bath and blow dry. Why? Because cats tend to have dirty bums. For creatures that supposedly "groom" themselves, they sure cat have some filthy, smelly bums! That's no fun!

All cat grooms should include a bath and blow dry, plus nail trim, and then any mat removal or shaving that is required to fix a problem such as a dirty bottom or matted belly, etc.

Remember this: Cats Lick. We Groom! There is a difference between the two!

Maybe you'll be able to attend one of our Wahl booth demos sometime to learn more about the entire groom process on cats!