What is the difference between the Bravura & Arco Clippers?

Bravura® vs Arco®

There are few distinct differences between Wahl's Bravura & Arco.

Article Image_AcroBravura


(1) First the battery, the Arco comes with an NiMH drop-in (removable) battery and the Bravura has a Lithium Ion (Li+) battery that is non-removable.

(2) Also, the Arco has a more cylinder body style while the Bravura's body has an ergonomic design to fit comfortably in your hand.

(3) Both the Arco & Bravura have a charging light indicator, but the Bravura’s is more advanced with an LED screen.

(4) Bravura: Run-time is 90 minutes ; charge-time is 60 minutes. The Arco: Run-time is 80 minutes per battery ; charge -time is 75 minutes per battery

(5) Both clippers are designed to fit Wahl 5-in-1 blades and work excellent for trimming and light body clipping.