How Do I Change the Sanding Band on the Wahl Classic Nail Smoother?

How to properly change the sanding drum and band on your Wahl Classic Nail Smoother.

Clipping your pet's nails can be a tense and sometimes painful experience for them and for you. Ease tension and prevent the stress and anxiety of trimming your pet's nails by using Wahl's Classical Nail Smoother, while preserving your pet's natural nail by shaping and smoothing gently. The Classic Nail Smoother is a battery operated grinder kit that is ideal for trimming, shaping, and smoothing rough nails on pets including cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and birds.

Wahl does offer an affordable Classic Nail Smoother Replacement Kit that allows you to easily replace the bands on your nail smoother. This kit includes 1 large standing drum and 8 replacement sanding bands that are 60 grit. The following video shows the ideal method for replacing the tip of the classic nail smoother.

HubSpot Video

Step 1: Remove the protective cap from your nail smoother.

Step 2: Using a phillips screwdriver loosen the screw onto of the sanding drum.

Step 3: Slide off the used sanding band.

Step 4: Replace with the new sanding band. You may have to replace the sanding drum as well if it appears to be worn out or damaged.

Step 5: Place the sanding drum with the new band back onto the classic nail smoother.

Step 6: Re-tighten the screw and place the protective cap back onto the nail smoother.

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