How Do I Change My KM Clipper's Drive Tip?

How to properly change the drive tip for Wahl's KM Cordless, KM10, KM5 KM2, & KM2 Deluxe clippers.

The drive tip in your Wahl clipper plays an important role in moving the cutter on the clipper's blade, which helps ensure a smooth and effective clipping experience. It is important you pay attention to your clipper's performance and how well your blades appear to be cutting. Like many wearable parts your drive tip will wear out over time and need to be replaced as part of your clipper's regular maintenance, this will need to be done more regularly when your clipper is used on a more frequent basis. When you start to notice your blade is not cutting like it normally would (even with a new blade) or is pulling or dragging some of your pet's hair/ fur, it may be time to change your drive tip.

The method below is ideal for changing the drive tip on your Wahl KM Cordless, KM10, KM5, KM2 or KM2 Deluxe detachable blade clippers.

How to change the drive tip


drive tip

Step 1: Remove the detachable blade from the clipper

Step 2: Unscrew the housing screws (there are three screws located on the clipper; see image to the left). Wahl recommends using a "Star bit" to remove the screws.

Step 3: Carefully pull apart the clipper housing.

Step 4: Carefully remove the old drive tip and slide the new drive tip into place.

Step 5: Carefully snap the housing back together and re-tighten the three screws

Step 6: Lastly re-attach your detachable blade.

Please feel free to reach out to Wahl's Service and Repair Center at 1-800-PRO-WAHL if you have any concerns regarding your product's performance or visit our Support Form and one of our customer service representatives can gladly assist you.