Why Is My Repair Taking So Long?

Wahl Clipper Corp. takes pride in the Customer Service we provide, but unfortunately, sometimes repairs can take longer than expected...

The length of time in which it takes to repair your product(s) will depend on part supply and the complexity of the repair. Wahl's Service and Repair team received thousands of repairs throughout the month and offers the same complete diagnostic review to ensure that we are not only resolving the issue the customer has experienced but ensuring there are no additional issues going on that may cause the product to need to be returned for repair again. Wahl also backs all repairs with an extended 60 day warranty after the repair has been performed.

Occasionally during peak times of the year when the repair team is receiving more repairs than normal, this can cause repairs to take longer than expected to complete and be returned back to the end user. Wahl tries never to rush through any repair to ensure that we are sending our customer's products back to them in top performing condition. We understand that it is frustrating to go without your tools for a long period of time and we are doing our best to improve this process. 

Please give Wahl a call at 1-800-PRO-WAHL or visit our Support Form and one of our customer service representatives can give you an update on your repair.