How to Use Wahl's Total Solutions Organizer

Wahl's Total Solutions Organizer with carrying handle

Wahl's Total Solutions Organizer is a great accessory for groomers constantly on the go or groomer's that just want to ensure that their equipment is safely and properly stored.

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This organizer has two side compartments with 8 slots, allowing you to store up to 8 Stainless Steel Attachment Guide combs as well as 8 competition series blades or Wahl's 5-in-1 blades. With its snap shut lids and easy to carry handle Wahl's total solutions is a must have accessory.

Products Suitable for Organizer:

Wahl Ultimate Competition Series Blades

Wahl Competition Series Blades

Wahl 5-in-1 Series Blades

Stainless Steel Detachable Blade Attachments

Stainless Steel 5-in-1 Detachable Blade Attachments