What do you recommend for my Angora rabbits?

Angora Rabbit

Typically for smaller animals, such as Angora rabbits, we would recommend a 5-in-1 blade clipper such as the Bravura or the Creativa. These are lithium ion powered cordless units that are lightweight and easy to maneuver around smaller legs, paws, and faces. The 5-in-1 blade also offers great versatility with the adjustable blade giving you 5 different blades sizes in one!

Some Angora rabbits have very thick wool that can be quite dense for which you may need a stronger clipper. For incredibly dense Angora coats, we would recommend that Wahl KM10 or KM Cordless clippers - which run off of brushless motors to give you the extra torque needed to power through a tough coat. The KM series clippers utilize the Wahl Competition and Ultimate Competition series blades, which offer a wide variety of sizes ranging from a long #3F blade to a super surgical #50 cut.