Why is it Important to Groom Your Horse ?

Grooming your horse is not only a bonding experience but can help improve the health of your horse's skin and coat.

Wahl Professional Animal offers a large variety of equine grooming tools to keep your horse show ready from head to toe. Trusted by Wahl to provide professional performance across our entire product line, offering a soft body brush, stiff body brush, face brush, combo brush, mane & tail brush, mane & tail comb, rubber curry, hoof pick, metal shedding blade, sweat scraper and shedding tool offered in both black and turquoise colors.


Wahl takes pride in our 4-step approach, bathe, brush, clip & trim for grooming on all animals. This is not only a great time to bond with your horse but can also decrease the chance of various health problems such as thrush, scratches, and other skin problems, as well as reduce the change of chafing that could occur under areas of tack.

Which Grooming Tool Is Right For You?

Wahl Professional Animal has produced 11 high quality equine grooming tools including:


Soft Body Brush: Gently removes fine hair and dirt for a shiny coat

Sift Body Brush: Effectively removes dirt, sweat and hair for a smooth coat

Combo Body Brush: Dual sided brush for effective all over grooming removing dirt, sweat and hair for a smooth & shiny coat

Face Brush: Ideal for small and sensitive areas gently removes fine hair and dirt for a natural shine

Hoof Pick: Designed with strong and reinforced steel, easily picks packed dirt and debris from hooves


Mane & Tail Comb: Ideal for grooming and braiding, easily detangles and separates hair

Mane & Tail Brush: Designed with durable plastic bristles to comfortably detangle hair while removing dirt and dander

Rubber Curry: Effectively removes dirt, sweat, and hair, for best performance brush in a circular motion.

Metal Shedding Blade: Effectively removes dirt, sweat, and hair for a brilliant shine, with the ability to expand for full body coverage.

Sweat Scraper: Ideal for after bathing, training, or playing to effectively remove excess water and sweat.

Shedding Tool: Ideal for prime shedding season to effectively remove dirt, sweat, and hair

Our Professional Animal team recommends daily grooming (or at least every other day) to keep up with your horses active lifestyle from rolling in the dirt to getting covered in mud, we all always want to ensure that your horse is taken care of. Grooming gives you a chance to check your horse for cuts, heat, swelling, lameness, or even a change in temperament, which could indicate that your horse may be feeling a little under the weather. But most importantly grooming helps form and build your relationship with your horse which can carry over into your riding and other handling duties.