Time to Upgrade Your Clipper?

When to use a Pet Specialty Clipper vs Professional Clipper


Wahl Professional Animal has designed an line of pet specialty clippers ideal for the home groomer looking to take care of their pets coat without the costly continuous visits to the grooming or to help keep their pets coats looking great in between grooming visits. Wahl Professional Animal's pet specialty clippers include: U Clip, Deluxe U Clip, & Pro Ion clipper; each of these clippers have a standard adjustable #30-15-10 blade, which is great for light to medium coats types.

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Some of the disadvantages of our pet specialty clippers and the reason you might need to upgrade to one of our professional grade clippers, are that they are not ideal for thick, heavy or matted coats. While some groomer's who brush and care for their pets coats on a regular basis have found these clippers to work well on their heavier coated dog breeds such as a poodle's coat, these clippers may not be ideal for such coat types. Some breeds we have found work well with our pet specialty clippers include: fox terrier, shih tzu, and bichon frise.

Wahl Professional Animal's pet specialty clippers will run louder and are not ideal for more noise sensitive animals compared to our professional clippers which run much quieter and will not heat up as quickly as our pet specialty clippers. Some of our professional clippers include: SS Pro, KM2, KM5, KM10, Power Grip, Arco and Bravura clippers to name a few. Wahl has a range of detachable blade clippers (such as our KM series) as well as our 5-in-1 blade clippers (such as our Arco & Bravura).

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Our detachable blade clippers are generally designed to handle thicker and heavier coat types as well as effortlessly clip out mats and knots. Wahl's Arco and Bravura are ideal for full body clipping on smaller dog breeds and are great for cat grooming, but also are great for trimming and touch ups on your larger breeds.

Wahl Professional Animals has a range of professional animal clippers from our 5-in-1 blade clippers: Arco, Bravura, Figura, Chromado & Motion; that are ideal for full body clipping on smaller dog breeds and animals. These can also be a great use for trimming on large dog breeds such as Poodles, Doodles and Water Dogs, as well as horses and large animals. Wahl's detachable blade clippers include: SS Pro, KM2, KM2 Deluxe, KM5, KM10, Power Grip, & KM Cordless. These are ideal for nearly all coat types, from smaller sized terriers to your larger sized doodles. Wahl's professional clipper line includes corded and cordless clippers that allow groomers to find a clipper that can best meet their grooming needs.

Our professional animal team highly recommends grooming your pets on a regular basis, this is not only a bonding experience with your dog, but helps keep your pets coat health and clean. Please know all Wahl Professional Animal products are backed with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and please feel free to reach out to Wahl at 1-800-Pro-Wahl of visit our Contact Us form below and one of our customer service representatives will gladly assist you in selecting the best clipper for your pet.