Why is it Important to Groom Your Horse ?

Grooming your horse is not only a bonding experience but can help improve the health of your horse's skin and coat.

Wahl Professional Animal is equipped with 11 equine grooming tools that help every groomer keep their horses looking show ready at all times. Wahl strongly recommends bathing and brushing before clipping or trimming your horse. This is not only a great way for a groomer to bond with their horse but also can help decrease the chance of various health problems such as thrush, scratches and other skin problems, as well as reduce the change of chafing that could occur under areas of tack.


Our Professional Animal team recommends daily grooming (or at least every other day) to keep up with your horses active lifestyle from rolling in the dirt to getting covered in mud, we all always want to ensure that your horse is taken care of. Grooming gives you a chance to check your horse for cuts, heat, swelling, lameness, or even a change in temperament, which could indicate that your horse may being feeling a little under the weather. But most importantly grooming helps form and build your relationship with your horse which can carry over into your riding and other handling duties.

Which Grooming Tool Is Right For You?

Wahl Professional Animal has produced 11 high quality equine grooming tools including:


1) Soft Body Brush effectively removes dirt and hair to give your horse a shiny coat

2) Stiff Body Brush effectively removes mud, sweat, dirt and hair to give your horse a shiny coat

3) Combo Body Brush use one side to gently remove dirt and hair and the other to help remove sweat and mud leaving your horse with a shiny coat

4) Face Brush gently removes dirt and hair from your horses face

5) Rubber Curry is ideal for loosening and removing mud and hair, leaving a brilliant shine


6) Mane & Tail Brush gently detangles the mane and tail

7) Mane & Braiding Comb easily detangles and separates the mane for grooming and braiding

8) Hoof Pick with reinforced steel to create a stronger hook that easily picks packed dirt and mud from hooves

9) Metal Shedding Blade has two stainless steel serrated blades to remove loose hair. The handle easily separates to open up the blades

10) Sweat Scraper remove water and sweat

11) Shedding Tool removes dirt and hair